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The Soundfield Collective is a brand spanking new Melbourne based music house, dedicated to bridging the gap between agencies, brands and artists.  We exclusively represent a carefully curated collective of some of the planets best composers, bands, producers, DJ’s, and even a choir.


At Soundfield, we passionately love music and we like nothing more than finding and creating the perfect soundtrack for your production.  

We are proud to say that we work with some of the most talented established artists in the world, who between them have won awards, had many hit records, performed everywhere you can think of, and even invented new genres and production techniques which have since become industry standards. 

We also pride ourselves on working with new and up-and-coming artists, helping them grow, get heard and gain the recognition they so richly deserve (it's one of the main reasons we get out of bed in the morning).

We have a tight global network of producers, Dj's, composers and tastemakers all feeding us new music every day, so we know what’s hot and what’s not and we won't rest until we nail the perfect soundtrack for your production.

Licences are available on a 100% exclusive basis for up to 3 years. 

Contact us via phone, email, carrier pigeon, morse code or just pop in for a cup of tea and a game of pinball. 


An exclusive license for up to a 3 year period covering all mediums both nationally and internationally.