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Deep Roots

Deep Roots is a master of Drum n Bass, from the smoother vocal liquid style to the heavier dark tech style. Deep Roots is now bringing this energetic futuristic UK sound to Australian productions through Soundfield.


Deep Roots had several successful outings on No U-Turn including a remix of Trace and Nico's "Cells" ,

"S.E.T.I." and “Nostramo” which were part of the NNU Black Series which featured artists such as Trace, Fierce and Ed-Rush.


” I loved the whole tech step thing", Roots comments, "at its prime everyone was looking at this set of producers to lead the way, with regular visits from heads like Dom, Matrix and GrooveRider coming into the No U-Turn studio my music had then started to be heard and played by the right people. Thru No U-Turn I have had my 1st chance to tour throughout all of Europe and America".