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Lilith Lane

Ed Case

Throughout the late 90’s, Ed hosted a pirate radio show on Freek FM and released a series of underground hits including the club classic ‘Something In Your Eyes’, before breaking into the mainstream charts in 2002 with his reworking of the Gorillaz track ‘Clint Eastwood’ - this became the second biggest selling single of the year. The same year he released the inspired compilation ‘Sound Of The Pirates 2’, and remixed songs for Destiny’s Child, Shola Ama and Shaun Escoffery.

His album debut Ed’s Guest List was recorded with 15 guest vocalists, ranging from former Skunk Anansie front-woman Skin and Republica’s Saffron, to Ms. Dynamite and So Solid Crew’s Harvey. Described by NME as one of the pioneers of UK Garage music, Ed continues to produce and write songs for up-and-coming artists and his input has helped secure record deals with major labels.

Although from a songwriting background Ed's interest in composing for film has always been present. At only 11 years old was introduced by chance to the legendary film composer John Addison who composed the theme for Murder She Wrote as well as many films. This sparked up a life long fascination with film scores and the importance of music to picture. Over the years this has driven him to learn the art of orchestration and composition for film, forever challenging himself with new and innovative ideas. This experience and exposure to classical piano, electronic music and more recently jazz composition has given him the ability to be unique from other composers and has developed skills which allow him to compose in many different styles. Ed's passion and devotion for music has taken him on a journey which now focuses on his ability to score to picture, fulfilling a life long ambition.