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Lilith Lane

Holly Holden 

y Su Banda

“a songwriter of great subtlety” 

- Clash


“Holly Holden is a modern example of an artist who thinks beyond borders” 

- Kreole Magazine


“Her sound has an element that makes us vibrate…There is no point in trying to put a label on [it]. According to Holly there are no labels, nothing is pure and music in its essence is a conversation.” 




Holly Holden is a singer, songwriter and bassist from London, but you mightn’t guess it. A long-term love affair with Latin America and many years spent music-making in the region, most notably Cuba, transformed her sound from its original acoustic-folk into something much more sassy and syncopated.


Joining forces with drummer David Beauchamp and guitarist Frank Clark in 2015, Holly formed Holly Holden y su Banda - an electric trio whose signature ‘Tropical Soul’ sound is a Spanglish mash up of sunny, sultry pop tunes and Caribbean beats. Imagine The Police fronted by a Latina Amy Winehouse and you’re getting somewhere close.