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James has been making waves in the music business since he released his debut EP "The Laundry Room Mixtape" in 2015. Brett Stewart from The Jukebox Podcast, Chicago called that EP "a really impressive debut...funky...soulful" and "Funky, Soulful" have been two words almost everyone has used to describe James since.

Citing Sam Cooke, Jason Mraz and James Taylor as a few of his significant influences. James learned early on to create the music he wanted to make, he had to find a way to use all of the colours at once, but still make the painting beautiful. Although challenging at first, when he released his sophomore EP "Pumpkin Pie" in 2016, Franklin had found his sound. A sound that combines Blues, Rock, Funk, Jazz and Country, a sound that pays tribute to his heroes but stays fresh and current, a sound everyone can connect with...

After a US tour in early 2017, James has begun recording his debut album.