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Fresh from wowing the crowds at Tamworth and Whittlesea Country Music Festivals, Tim Solly brings us his deep, earthy storytelling with his new Ep
'Waking Up'.

This exciting new Alt-Country/Folk release features Tim delivering "Nick Cave and Tom Waits like intensities” (John Kinsella, The Australian) and is transporting listeners on a journey of love, loss and the search for identity.

With an infectious and charismatic performance style and emotive storytelling at the heart and soul of his music, Tim Solly is mesmerising crowds across the country and quickly garnering praise as one of Australia's edgiest new entertainers.
“Solly’s performance is compelling, and his presence fills the room… his dark heart beats with great passion.” - Cicely Binford, Xpress Mag

Heart On The Run - Tim Solly
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Pat Devlin

Pat has been doing the rounds playing music with mates and in small bands for the last couple of years. 

In early 2016 he began to concentrate on his dreamy post-rock surf-folk sound, leading to the release of his debut EP 'We're All Friends' - All composed, played, recorded and mixed solo.

This caught the ear of a great number of young and old listeners, both through radio and Spotify, as well as connecting with audiences at gigs around Melbourne and Australia.  

His music is influenced by a wide range of artists, from Bob Dylan to Bon Iver and this is clearly showcased in his performances and recordings.


We're All Friends - Pat Devlin
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Susie Scurry

Susie Scurry is a bourgeoning singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. Susie’s songwriting is clear and economical, original yet familiar, honest and romantic in the manner of old classic standards.

Her voice delivers lament and subtle wit in equal measure, singing about life and death, lost love and a modern world gone awry. Her style and sound has been described by the press as ‘nostalgic’, ’dreamy folk’ that lies ‘somewhere between the jazz club and the barnyard.’


Come On - Susie Scurry
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Holly Holden 

y Su Banda

“a songwriter of great subtlety” 

- Clash


“Holly Holden is a modern example of an artist who thinks beyond borders” 

- Kreole Magazine


“Her sound has an element that makes us vibrate…There is no point in trying to put a label on [it]. According to Holly there are no labels, nothing is pure and music in its essence is a conversation.” 



Holly Holden is a singer, songwriter and bassist from London, but you mightn’t guess it. A long-term love affair with Latin America and many years spent music-making in the region, most notably Cuba, transformed her sound from its original acoustic-folk into something much more sassy and syncopated.


Imagine The Police fronted by a Latina Amy Winehouse and you’re getting somewhere close. 

El Impulso - Holly Holden
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Lilith Lane

The music of Lilith Lane In 5 words?

Garage, psychedelic, spaghetti, soul, blues.

Lilith Lane's latest album, 'Pilgrim', Inspired by her travels through Europe and Spain, conceived in the Pilbara Desert, and recorded in Madrid, has a distinctly organic, rocking raw and raucous sound. Sparse but poignant vocals allow strong and spacious feelings reminiscent of the Australian desert, with transcendent themes exploring our connection to the divine.

Music-maker, producer/engineer & creative arts educator, Lilith Lane has worked with numerous independent artists as a live sound engineer, an in-house recording engineer at Bakehouse Studios, and as a live broadcast engineer at PBS.  She enjoys the process of capturing great performance and working with artists to fulfil their production ideas.

I Could Get Used To This - Lilith Lane
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Big Al, the award winning composer, producer and versatile multi-instrumentalist ignited his career on the road, playing keys and trombone as well as singing all over the earth on tour with bands like The Black Sorrows, The Deborah Conway Band, Boom Crash Opera, and The Stephen Cummings Band to name a few.


Now composing and producing from his Elsternwick, Melbourne studio, Al has delivered over 500 amazing TVC and Cinema soundtracks for brands like Holden, Mazda, Shell, Fosters, Telstra, Cadbury, and Mitsubishi. 

He’s composed for feature films and series The Heist, Halifax f.p.   Howard on Menzies,  City Homicide, Canal Rd and too many more to list here.

Finding Our Way - Al Harding
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Deep Roots

Deep Roots is a master of Drum n Bass, from the smoother vocal liquid style to the heavier dark tech style. Deep Roots is now bringing this energetic futuristic UK sound to Australia with Soundfield.


Deep Roots had several successful outings on No U-Turn including a remix of Trace and Nico's "Cells" ,

"S.E.T.I." and “Nostramo” which were part of the NNU Black Series which featured artists such as Trace, Fierce and Ed-Rush.” I loved the whole tech step thing", Roots comments,

 "at its prime everyone was looking at this set of producers to lead the way, with regular visits from heads like Dom, Matrix and GrooveRider coming into the No U-Turn studio my music had then started to be heard and played by the right people. 

"Thru No U-Turn I have had my 1st chance to tour throughout all of Europe and America".

Move On - Deep Roots
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Steve Wade

Highly regarded and known as a "singer's singer" by his peers in the music industry, Steve has also gained a strong reputation as a performer, composer, vocal coach, guitarist, producer and music director.

As an award winning songwriter (over 40 awards), Steve has written and recorded over 200 songs and had numerous cuts by local and international acts.

Over the years he has worked in the studio/TV/live with artists such as, Hall and Oates, Chicago, America, Kylie Minogue, Olivia Newton John, Tina Arena, Ross Wilson, Dragon, Men at Work, Yothu Yindi, Bert Newton, Lindsay Field, Renee Geyer and many more.

Composition Reel - Steve Wade
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Asher Pope

Asher Pope is a Melbourne based composer dabbling in the fields of film, TV, advertising and library music.  Since 2008 he has scored numerous TVCs, brand videos and shorts, and has provided the music for the critically acclaimed feature documentary ‘Lygon Street – Si Parla Italiano’ and the SBS animated comedy series ‘Suspect Moustache’. 

Asher’s projects have required him to compose a broad range of styles from the heaviest of heavy metal to relaxing minimal piano underscores, but his unique style always works its way in! 

Asher lives with his partner, and their dog and cat.  He very much dislikes writing bios in the third person and posing for photos.

High and Dry - Asher Pope
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James has been making waves in the music business since he released his debut EP "The Laundry Room Mixtape" in 2015. Brett Stewart from The Jukebox Podcast, Chicago called that EP "a really impressive debut...funky...soulful" and "Funky, Soulful" have been two words almost everyone has used to describe James since.

Sleepwalking - James Fraklin
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Peter Baylor

Peter Baylor has been a musician synonymous with the Australian 'roots' music scene professionally since 1980. His eclectic guitar and vocal style encompasses  classic swing jazz, Rhythm N’ Blues, Western swing, Gypsy jazz, Rockabilly, country , Old timey and folk forms. His distinctive sound has been heard in bands as diverse as The Dancehall Racketeers, The Baylor Brothers, Mic Conways Whoopee band, Doug Parkinsons Buddy Holly show, Ultrafox, The Starliners, The Eddies, Tom Bakers swing st Orchestra, The Cairo Club to name a few.


As a freelance musician he has worked with over 300 acts and toured Japan, The United States, Scandinavia, South Pacific, Europe on several occasions. He has played on over 50 recordings and has played with and or  supported international acts such as Robert Plant, Bob Dylan, The Stray Cats, Mike Compton, Hank Marvin, Lollo Meier ,  Tav Falco, Rosie Flores and Flaco Jimenez, Deke Dikerson, Dale Watson and Wayne Hankock.

Travelling Man - Peter Baylor
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Claudette Justice-Allen

Claudette decided music was her one true love from the very first day she could talk.

Following her professional-jazz-singing Auntie, Tubby Justice, around the house - mimicking her songs and scales - before following her dreams to London, where she studied at The London School of Music.

She is now a member of several musical groups that are prolific in Melbourne. Including her neo-soul duo, ClaudyKnight and disco-funk ten piece, Claudia Jones. As well as two house/ theatrical house ventures: Claddy x Luis CL, and with The Glamouratz.

A veteran of the local night life, nowadays she has graced the stages of most noteworthy Melbourne venues. Most frequently including: The Gasometer, The Evelyn Hotel, Night Cat and The Toff in Town.

Hurricane - Claudette Justice-Allen
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Leigh Marsh

Leigh Marsh is a screen composer who brings a deep understanding of a wide range of musical styles to each project. A guitarist, drummer and bassist, he has been part of collaborations in retro-rock, gypsy-swing, funk, afro-beat, avant-garde, shoegaze and cabaret, and brings this diversity to his work.

He thrives on delivering unique scores that use a mix of acoustic and synthetic instruments. Recently, Marsh has scored independent short 37 Things, and provided additional composition for Benjamin Speed on the feature At Last (Monumental Films, Roadman Films, Story Bridge Film).

He provided additional composition for Askja Films and Bluebird Productions on their award winning 2018 short Cut, and has created commercial work for Australian Fashion Labels. Marsh

Night Horizon - Leigh Marsh
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Julie O'Hara

Julie O’Hara is a jazz vocalist, composer and educator from Melbourne who has been contributing to the music scene for over twenty years. Julie currently teaches jazz and contemporary pop voice and improvisation at the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music at Monash University. Julie is a speech pathologist with a special interest in vocal science, vocalese and vocal improvisation.


Her musical projects have vocal improvisation as an essential element to her arranging, with O’Hara using her voice as a section player, vocal harmoniser and soloist, often pushing the boundaries of how voice can be utilised in contemporary music, whether pop, EDM or within other genres. Julie’s lyricism celebrates the art of story telling, capturing a time, a feeling, often bringing genres together in innovative ways.

Ice Cold - Julie O'Hara
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Nina Ferro

If you don't believe your ears when you hear Nina perform, then put your faith in Tony Bennett’s immaculate taste. After she had supported him in concert, the great vocalist said of Nina Ferro: “She’s a fabulous performer with a knockout voice.”

But you don’t need Mr. Bennett’s highly discerning musical ear to realise he is right. Once she starts to sing, even if you can’t tell an octave from an octopus, you’ll know instantly that you are in the presence of a formidable talent. Just check your vital signs. Goosebumps? Check. Spine tingling? Absolutely. Emotions uplifted? You bet!


Australian born Nina Ferro is a multi award-winning vocalist, songwriter, session and recording artist who’s powerful, evocative voice, stunning vocal range and captivating stage presence have earned her an enviable international reputation. With 8 solo albums to her credit, guest appearances on ARIA award winning albums and a performance history longer than ones own arm, it’s no wonder Nina is one of the most sought after vocalists on the international circuit. Whether she’s swinging out a Jazz standard or belting out a soul ballad, there is no underestimating her unequaled talents!

Crazy Way Of Lovin' - Nina Ferro
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Sophie Klein

Sophie Klein is affectionately known amongst peers and fans in the Melbourne music scene under the moniker of Little Wise. She is a truth-teller whose words and music leave you feeling more alive and heart-achingly human than ever before. Whether she’s slinging her electric guitar in a rollicking Roots-Rock number, or quietly strumming a wistful acoustic folk refrain, she will break your heart and stitch it back together again - melodically, piece by piece. Her sound fuses classic Americana and Folk-Roots with a good dose of Melbourne swagger.

Moments of Clarity - Sophie Klein
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Belmar Records is an old school record label/ production house operating out of Melbourne, Australia, specialising in original Roots, Jazz and Blues recordings.

Our aim is to introduce roots music lovers around the world to some of the great talent Melbourne has to offer, one track at a time.

All music is hand-made at Belmar Studios, Altona, Melbourne, using real musicians playing live, minimal overdubs, vintage and modern ribbon mics and an ADAT 8 track machine.

Always Brush - Belmar Records
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Tamara Murphy

Tamara Murphy is an esteemed Australian bassist and composer. She has over 20 years performing experience and has run her own ensembles, collaborated with other artists and is continually in demand as a side-person.


She has been composing throughout her performing career, writing for many groups, including her quintet Murphy’s Law. This group released four recordings, augmenting the band sound with string quartet and turntables for the ‘Street Art’ project. She also composed for the co-operative trio Keller-Murphy-Browne, which ran for 13 years, releasing two albums.


In 2015, Murphy started her new ensemble Spirograph Studies. This instrumental group described as ‘post-rock’ and ‘post-jazz’, employs aspects of minimalism in their approach as the band members improvise over Murphy’s compositions drawing heavily on the written material of each composition.


In 2011 she was awarded the inaugural Young Elder of Jazz Commission, for the creation and presentation of a new work: Big Creatures & Little Creatures. This work was premiered at the 2012 Melbourne International Jazz Festival.


In 2017, Murphy was employed as the musical director and arranger for the International Women’s Day concert ‘UNITY’, produced by the Brunswick Music Festival, featuring Emma Donovan, Parvyn Singh, Emily Wurramurra, Chelsea Wilson and Ajak Kwai.

Kindness Not Courtesy - Tamara Murphy
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Throughout the late 90’s, Ed hosted a pirate radio show on Freek FM and released a series of underground hits including the club classic ‘Something In Your Eyes’, before breaking into the mainstream charts in 2002 with his reworking of the Gorillaz track ‘Clint Eastwood’ - this became the second biggest selling single of the year. The same year he released the inspired compilation ‘Sound Of The Pirates 2’, and remixed songs for Destiny’s Child, Shola Ama and Shaun Escoffery.

His album debut Ed’s Guest List was recorded with 15 guest vocalists, ranging from former Skunk Anansie front-woman Skin and Republica’s Saffron, to Ms. Dynamite and So Solid Crew’s Harvey. Described by NME as one of the pioneers of UK Garage music, Ed continues to produce and write songs for up-and-coming artists and his input has helped secure record deals with major labels.

Throughout the late 90’s, Ed hosted a pirate radio show on Freek FM and released a series of underground hits including the club classic ‘Something In Your Eyes’, before breaking into the mainstream charts in 2002 with his reworking of the Gorillaz track ‘Clint Eastwood’ - this became the second biggest selling single of the year. The same year he released the inspired compilation ‘Sound Of The Pirates 2’, and remixed songs for Destiny’s Child, Shola Ama and Shaun Escoffery.

His album debut Ed’s Guest List was recorded with 15 guest vocalists, ranging from former Skunk Anansie front-woman Skin and Republica’s Saffron, to Ms. Dynamite and So Solid Crew’s Harvey. Described by NME as one of the pioneers of UK Garage music, Ed continues to produce and write songs for up-and-coming artists and his input has helped secure record deals with major labels.

Something In Your Eyes - Ed Case
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Andrew Clarke

Andrew Clarke is a Melbourne based composer with a love and primary focus of writing cinematic scores for orchestra, choir and piano. 


Around 2008 his focus shifted from writing guitar based rock songs to composing for orchestra. This change led him to study at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts majoring in classical composition. 


Since then his work has appeared in film festivals around the world, with his music (and the films he has written for) gathering many award wins and nominations along the way. 


As a composer he is versatile and can provide bespoke music to fit what your project needs.

Ava Maria - Andrew Clarke
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Sam King

Sam King started making Hip Hop beats in 2001. Through the 2000s he produced many sample style tracks for various prestigious New Zealand rappers, while quietly writing and recording original music in his studio on his quest to become a complete solo artist.

In 2010, he co-wrote a hit pop single for Dane Rumble. “Cruel” was the most performed work in New Zealand that year, for which Sam was awarded an APRA Silver Scroll Award.

Since then, his musical journey has taken a more personal route. Sam studied music at University, started a band, and became the singer/ rapper /songwriter / co- producer for New Zealand Hip Hop duo Baked Beings.

Headlights - Sam King
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Ree Boado

With a versatile sound that has been described as emotive, surprising, forceful with ease, comforting, and genre bending, Ree Boado has been sharing her musical talents internationally for many years as an independent solo artist and member of several bands. Residing in Nashville, TN, (Music City USA), Ree has shared the stage with Grammy nominees, Dove Award winners and Billboard artists. She has recorded several albums, the most current one, “Out of the Mouth of Caves”, was produced by Grammy winner Brian Whitman and highlights a softer, more acoustic side of the artist. 

River - Rae Boado
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Vashti Sivell

Over the last 18 years Vashti has been performing as a member of bands in the diverse styles of Jazz, Latin, Reggae, Pop, Soul and Blues! Some of her professional highlights include performances at; The Big Day Out (Sydney), Sydney Bacardi Festival, Sydney Latin Fiesta, The Bellingen Global Carnival, Moonlight Olympic Park Concert Series, Woodford Folk Festival, Melbourne Women’s Jazz Festival, WOMADelaide, and The Byron Bay Blues Festival.

No Me Puedo Decidir - Vashti Sivell
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Green Mohair Suits

A quartet of expressive songwriters that take their

four-part harmonies as seriously as their dedication to a good time, Green Mohair Suits hold a reputation for inspired showmanship and performances as brash as they are emotive.

Occupying a broad musical landscape somewhere between Beck, Fleet Foxes, Tom Waits and Gram Parsons, Green Mohair Suits' style basks in the glow of 'Garage-Grass".

Expect happy sad-songs (or sad happy-songs) in a harmonious blur of booze-soaked good times.

Balls and Pleasantries - Green Mohair Suits
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Lady Frank

Lady Frank is a passionate singer with a talent for complex, blues-y melodies. She has worked for over 10 years to develop her vocals, composition skills and overall musicianship. With a tone reminiscent of 1950’s jazz, she composes with a more modern spin, drawing a range of inspiration from bands such as Massive Attack, Portishead and Hiatus Kaiyote.


Lady Frank is likely to be seen collaborating with hip hop artists, producers or supported by her band playing live gigs in Melbourne and readying themselves to launch two new EP’s. Though these two works have been a long time coming, there is no shortage of music to come, Lady Frank has already begun the development of an album to follow and is eagerly waiting to share it all with the world.

Pedestal - Lady Frank
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Bernie is a career drummer well entrenched in the London music scene and touring with bands that span genres from folk and jazz to good old fashioned rock including Ellie Goulding, The Smashing Pumpkins and Damon Albarn. 

Bernie's compositions are all about making music that's perfect for the occasion and the sheer enjoyment of the listener. Be it commercials, broadcast, shorts or feature films, Bernie has a wonderful knack of just knowing what's going to work, move people and create a lasting impression.

Elegantly Wasted - Bernie Gardner
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Roesy's melodies have the presence to seem familiar while remaining distinctly his own; impossible to ignore or dismiss. The deceptive simplicity of his lyrical themes reveals their latent complexities upon repeated listening. Many contain references to the eternal subjects of truth, beauty and the search for the luminous and transcendent in the midst of everyday living.

His work shows a personal honesty and genuine open-heartedness that never sails close to vapid sentimentality or hollow romance. The finished product is refreshingly devoid of pretension or cliche.

Forever All - Roesy
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Musician, producer, soundtrack composer, DJ. Founding member of 'Renegade Soundwave', UK electronic music pioneers at the forefront of the original dance / electronica explosion of the late 80s with hits such as 'The Phantom', 'Women Respond To Bass', 'Ozone Breakdown' and 'Probably A Robbery'. Renegade Soundwave's impact was felt across the board from jungle, trip-hop and house to industrial and dub and name-checked as a primary influence on artists such as The Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers.

Stranger Fruit - Danny Briottet
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Dan Bolton

Dan Bolton is a singer/songwriter/pianist with a unique sound that has taken him around the world, to New York City and back again. His songs are considered to be 21st Century standards, incorporating elements of jazz, pop, Latin American and Middle Eastern styles to name but a few. Dan has recorded 6 original albums (3 in New York City and 3 in Australia). 


Whilst living in New York City, Dan worked as musical director and arranger for Broadway/cabaret/Hollywood star, Nathan Lee Graham and Laura Hart, vocalist with the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Goin' Home - Dan Bolton
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