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We offer a simple solution for licensing the perfect song for your project and keeping it exclusively for your brand only.

We have a huge and ever-expanding music collection, made by Soundfield artists in just about every genre imaginable. 

One licence means it’s yours and yours only for up to 3 years.


Custom Composition

We are extremely proud of the supremely talented, award-winning, expert composers we represent.

Between them, they have every style, sound and genre covered, hundreds of years of collective experience and a very deep understanding of what it takes to create a truly original soundtrack, right on brief. 

Remixing - Reversioning

Need Beethoven with a beatbox?

A chilled out version of a heavy metal headbanger?

Or a brand new reinterpretation of a classic?

We’ve got you covered.

Our expert producers & DJ’s have remixed everyone from Bjork to the Gorillaz and they've got rocking the dance floor down to a fine art.

We can turn whatever you want, into whatever you need.

We love to be challenged, and creating new musical mashups is something of an in-house speciality.

Sonic Branding

We can help you develop the right sounding musical motif or iconic mnemonic to precisely convey your brand's image, ethos and message in just a few memorable notes or noises.


Music Strategy

Need an artist or band to front your campaign and help to effectively maximise its reach and impact? We will find the perfect solution and help you build a mutually beneficial partnership between brand and artist.

Music Search - Research

No idea what you're looking for, and no time to look? Our carefully assembled playlists can help you narrow down the sound and discover exactly what your project needs to cut through and stand out.

Our dedicated team of music geeks, freaks and nerds will find the answer.