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Lilith Lane

Kyan has been a music composer and sound designer

since the mid 90s. Working alongside global media

organisations, acting as a creative consultant and 

researcher for an extremely broad spectrum of

brands, production companies, advertising and digital


His music can be heard on broadcast networks around the world and is featured in a wide variety of well known television shows. He has also made several records which have received worldwide radio and club play by some of the most famous DJs on the planet.

He has hundreds of production music tracks placed with acclaimed and respected libraries and has received countless sync placements worldwide.

Nic is a composer and sound engineer from Melbourne who has mixed thousands of ads and composed for many too.

When he was younger he learnt some cool tricks studying film, followed by sound engineering at RMIT. 


Since then he's explored islands and jungles, played live at clubs and festivals, composed for everything from TVCs to Yoga Nidras and worked with Production Alley and Soundfield Collective since forever.